Bill Lescher

Bill Lescher

US Navy, Admiral, Vice Chief of Naval Operations

About Me

Bill Lescher's impressive career as Vice Chief of the Navy is founded upon his devotion to courage, honor, service and selflessness. Hailing from Highland Park, IL, he has traveled extensively in pursuit of understanding the world and taking part in effecting positive change. Lescher has also had an impact on naval leadership initiatives, advocating for rigorous problem-solving and drive to reach exceptional performance.

William Lescher's educational achievements include Systems/Aeronautical Engineering degrees from the Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School as well as a MBA from Harvard Business School. This strong academic background has enabled him to rise through the ranks in the military and engage in training for rotary wing, fixed wing, and Naval Test Pilot School; allowing him to excel and achieve graduation with distinction so as to become certified to fly helicopters.

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