Bill Lescher

Culture Change: Nurturing Growth in a Shifting World

Culture, the intricate web of shared beliefs, traditions, and values, is a living entity that continually evolves. Cultural change, the deliberate transformation of these shared aspects, is a pheno...

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Unearthing Maritime Triumphs: The Overlooked Naval Heroes of the American Revolution

When we recall the American Revolution, we tend to conjure images of Paul Revere's midnight ride, George Washington's leadership, and the Boston Tea Party. However, the crucial naval dimension of t...

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Turning Points in the Fight Against the Slave Trade

The battle against the slave trade was a long and arduous struggle, marked by significant turning points that propelled the movement toward emancipation. This article examines key moments and event...

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Pushing Boundaries: U.S. Navy's Research and Exploration Initiatives

Introduction The U.S. Navy has a longstanding reputation as a formidable maritime force, ensuring the safety and security of the nation's waters. However, beyond its role as a military powerhous...

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The development of force projection theories and World War One

During World War I, warfare underwent a significant shift. The biggest change in military technology and strategy at the time was heralded by it. But it also brought forth the toughest challenges ...

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The Greatest Naval Battle in History

The greatest battle of a vast ocean is more than a brief bout of insanity. Historically, major naval engagements have been shaped and influenced by decisions, actions, and coincidences. The 1666 na...

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What We Can Learn From a 600-Ship Navy

We should think about what we can learn from the 600-ship Navy as we start to plan our next defense buildup. Should we, for example, spend money on new skills to deal with the growing threat from C...

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Admiral Bill Lescher Describes How Individuals Can Enhance Their Risk Management Capabilities Using Navy Risk Management Techniques.

Risk assessment and risk management are so critical in the Navy that continuing training is necessary to assist enlisted personnel in maintaining and acquiring new abilities. Admiral Bill Lescher, ...

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During the Cold War, the U.S. Navy

Keeping the peace was a big job for the U.S. Navy during the Cold War. They did many different things, like blockade the ports of North Vietnam, the "Tanker War," and Operation Koh Tang. During th...

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Putting the Revolutionary War Navy back together

During the American Revolutionary War, a lot was happening on the seas. There was much to see, from the Battle of Saratoga to the Punitive Expeditions of the Treaty of Paris. Some of these things w...

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