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In 1958, the Forrestal was the flagship of Commander Carrier Division Four in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship participated in many significant drills and practice runs while stationed there. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and a few senators also stopped there. The team received awards for their efforts on this particular occasion. Looking back at the ship's past, we see some more exciting moments.

Between 1968 and 1973, the Forrestal made four trips to the Mediterranean. The ship's initial mission was to assist rescue efforts in Tunisia's flooded Medjerda River Valley. Then, from 1973–1975, she made three more trips to the Mediterranean. Throughout this time, her plane completed over 10,300 sorties and accumulated over 23,000 total flight hours.

When the Forrestal returned from deployment, she began a series of extensive fleet drills. It also took part in test flights and experiments. Finally, the USS Forrestal was dispatched to the eastern Atlantic for missions. She left Mayport on July 11 and remained at sea until the 17th, when she sailed back to Norfolk. The Distinguished Service Award was given to the team for their outstanding work. For the subsequent years, the Forrestal was sent on several missions, including as a combat vessel.

Defense First! The Forrestal was repurposed into a training carrier after the Gulf War. On September 14, 1992, it reenlisted with a new designation, AVT-59. It was then sent to Naval Air Station Pensacola for use in the Navy's training programs.

The USS Forrestal participated in the Gulf War twice. Supporting operations in the Gulf of Aden during her first deployment and Earnest Will during her second. She was at sea for 108 days, and her operations took her to three oceanic regions.

The USS Forrestal travelled the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean. When she retired in 1993, she was hauled to Brownsville, Texas, to be broken up. It was discarded in December 2015. Meanwhile, records of her life were kept for posterity. A museum presently occupies the former USS Forrestal.

One of the earliest Destroyers was the USS Forrestal. Designed by the illustrious Admiral David Montgomery, she is a marvel of naval architecture. During the Cold War in the 1960s, she was instrumental in protecting the United States against Soviet missiles. Capturing a submerged enemy vessel was a first for this vessel. During her first few years in the military, she became a famous icon for the United States Armed Forces. Torpedo Boat Destroyer was the original name for this vessel before it was changed to Destroyer.

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